Refinance Your Mortgage

We’ll Help You Find a Better Deal

Life moves fast and your situation changes. The home loan that worked for you yesterday might not be the best option for you today. Refinancing your mortgage to a fairer interest rate or an account that allows you to offset your loan with additional savings is a simple strategy to improve your financial position.

At ClearPath Financial, we have experience working in the mortgage brokering industry – so we’re well qualified to find and negotiate a better deal for you. Even if that means moving to another lender.

We’ll explore the products more suited to your requirements and objectives so you can meet your financial goals sooner.

What to Be Mindful of When Refinancing

If you’re able to find a better product on the market – there’s more you’ll need to consider before jumping in feet first.

You’ll need to check whether your current lender charges exit fees for the loan you’re on, or ‘break fees’ if you’re ending a fixed term contract. You’ll also need to check whether there are additional fees associated with your new product, such as account set-up, LMI (if you still don’t have enough equity in your property), and property valuations.

We look after all this for you and provide you with a complete refinancing strategy, implementation, and ongoing support, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible deal to suit your situation and needs.

Let ClearPath Financial Negotiate a Better Mortgage Deal

We’ll work with you and identify ways to minimise your financial exposure to interest rate rises and unachievable mortgage repayments.

But, before we design any strategy – we get to know you, the real you.

  1. We start with a fact-finding session to learn who you are, your fears, your priorities, your goals, your spending habits, and your current financial position.
  2. We provide a basic plan. We identify your opportunities to reduce your mortgage repayments and pay down your principle debt sooner.
  3. We introduce you to your options and tailor your strategy to enhance your mortgage position. We consider your age, goals, priorities, fears, lifestyle, budget, and timelines when designing your strategy. We look at a combination of specific loan products and restructure options – and then we do the leg work to secure your deal and put it all into place for you.
  4. We work closely with you as your financial coach as you progress your strategy. We review your strategy at the finish line, and continue to check in every 3 – 6 months to make sure your new mortgage account is set up correctly.

Our Customer-First Focus

We’re not here to charge you at every stage. That’s why the first two steps are obligation free. It’s our opportunity to learn who you are, what drives you, and what you want to achieve. And, it’s your opportunity to learn more about your financial options and what we may be able to do to help you.

We’d love to meet you. You can find us on Adelaide Street, Brisbane City.

Call ClearPath Financial to book your obligation-free appointment.

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