Investment Property Matching

We’ll Help You Find the Right Property to Suit Your Financial Goals

Building your property portfolio can be a daunting task, but we’d like to make that easier for you. We’ll help you remove the emotion from buying property and teach you how to buy intelligently. We’ll teach you what, where, when, why, and how to buy according to your needs. Each investor has their own needs and financial goals to consider so, come meet with us before you start buying and we’ll help you find your clear path to financial success.

Remove the Emotion from Buying Property. We’ll Help You Buy Intelligently.

There are many factors to consider when buying an investment property, and whether you like the living room feature wall isn’t one of them. We help you remove the emotion from buying property so you can assess what really matters. Choosing the right investment property is a balance of:

  • your budget
  • purchase price
  • rental yield
  • capital growth
  • tax benefits
  • ongoing maintenance
  • property market performance analytics.

Out Investment Property Matching service takes away your guesswork – we get an understanding of who you are, your current financial position, goals, fears, and priorities and we identify the type of property that meets your financial needs. We also research and work with partners who may offer rental guarantees on new developments, providing you with piece of mind you’re buying a sustainable investment.

Our Investment Property Matching Process

Before we design any strategy – we get to know you, the real you.

  1. We start with a fact-finding session to learn who you are, your fears, your priorities, your goals, your spending habits, and your current financial position.
  2. We provide a basic plan. We identify your opportunities to improve your financial situation and get you prepared for your investment purchase.
  3. We match you with your investment property types. We consider your age, goals, priorities, fears, lifestyle, budget, and timelines. We identify and match you with the right investment property and mortgage product for your goals and commitments – and then we do all the legwork and paperwork to put it in place.
  4. We work closely with you as your financial coach as you progress your strategy. We review your strategy at the finish line, and continue to check in every 3 – 6 months to make sure your new mortgage account is set up correctly.

Our Customer-First Focus

We’re not here to charge you at every stage. That’s why the first two steps are obligation free. It’s our opportunity to learn who you are, what drives you, and what you want to achieve. And, it’s your opportunity to learn more about your investment property options and what is possible do to help you achieve them.

We’d love to meet you and check out your financial and investment strategy. You can find us on Adelaide Street, Brisbane city.

Call ClearPath Financial to book your obligation-free appointment.

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