Debt Reduction & Management

We’ll Help You Reduce Your Debt and Manage Your Cashflow

It’s far too common these days that customer’s find themselves in financial strife trying to maintain a lifestyle they can’t afford. But, you don’t need to sit around and wallow in your debt dreaming of a brighter life.

ClearPath Financial are experienced debt strategists who’ll work with you to design and implement a realistic debt reduction and management strategy that still allows you to enjoy your life.

Understand your financial pain points

Understanding how to manage your budget and expenses is not something you’re taught at school. You graduate unprepared for life; unaware of the tools and strategies you can use to manage your cash-flow and build your wealth.

And then, somewhere along the way, you lose control of the situation.

  • credit card debt
  • tax debt
  • unmanageable mortgage repayments
  • interest rate rises
  • growing bills and overdue fees.

Most often for us, our clients feel locked in with their lender and are struggling to adjust to higher interest rates. That’s where we’re able to draw on our wealth of brokering experience and our relationships with over 40 lenders to find and negotiate a better rate and mortgage deal to meet your needs. We may be able to also explore your existing investment strategy and use gearing to generate a greater income to help manage your repayments.

How we’ll help you reduce your debt:

  • restructure and consolidate your existing debts to suit your budget and lifestyle
  • negotiate a better mortgage package with an offset account to put more money onto your mortgage
  • reduce the interest rate you’re paying and free up more cash to pay off your principal debt sooner
  • increase your bring-home pay by designing a complete financial solution that’s tailored to your situation, financial priorities, and goals.

Our Debt Reduction and Management Strategy Process

Before we design any strategy – we get to know you, the real you.

  1. We start with a fact-finding session to learn who you are, your fears, your priorities, your goals, your spending habits, and your current financial position.
  2. We provide a basic plan. We identify your opportunities to reduce your debt and manage your cash-flow (refinancing, consolidation, budget and cash-flow restructure).
  3. We introduce you to your options and design a clear and realistic debt reduction and management strategy. We consider your age, goals, priorities, fears, lifestyle, budget, and timelines when recommending suitable services.
  4. We work closely with you as your financial coach as you progress your strategy. We review your strategy at the finish line, and continue to check in every 3 – 6 months to make sure your debt reduction plan is set up correctly and that you’re sticking with your new budget.

Our Customer-First Focus

We’re not here to charge you at every stage. That’s why the first two steps are obligation free. It’s our opportunity to learn who you are, what drives you, and what you want to achieve. And, it’s your opportunity to learn more about your financial options and what we may be able to do to help get you back on track.

We’d love to meet you. You can find us on Adelaide Street, Brisbane city.

Call ClearPath Financial to book your obligation-free appointment.

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