Beyond increasing value, managing risk is the key to financial success. Regardless of existing capital, project size and complexity, risk is what should guide your investment, and how much risk you want to take on for the desired investment outcome. ClearPath Financial have a team of skilled professionals ready to help you quantify and manage risk, and can effectively source a fund that will match your needs. We’re well-equipped and well-versed in helping builders, property developers and investors fund a vast range of projects, including:

  • Residential buildings, complexes and estates
  • Industrial warehouses and manufacturing centres
  • Hotels, clubs and entertainment venues
  • Retail shops and precincts

Self-Managed Super Funds

The complex rules and regulations associated with self-managed super funds (SMSF) have made lenders increasingly wary of financing using this method. It is therefore important to select a highly competent Financial Broker that is not only confident in SMSF investment, but can effectively build relationships with banks and lenders when using super borrowing to fund your investment.

If you’re deciding whether to fund your investment through a SMSF or another route of finance, it ultimately depends on your existing capital, amount to borrow, and the risk you’re willing to take on. ClearPath Financial can effectively provide solutions and advice to property developers and investors on their super fund loan borrowing options, based on their circumstances and needs.

Why Choose ClearPath Financial for Commercial Property Investment?

Our team of commercial investment professionals are constantly staying up to date with the market environment surrounding commercial property investment projects in Australia, and use that knowledge and competency in the field to provide you with up-to-date investment advice and funding solutions. It also allows us to give incredible foresight of future market trends, giving you the best solution for the future, not one that works for today or yesterday.

We’ve invested time and resources into analysing local property markets, as well as the specific sectors our clients are investing in to provide them with the most attractive investment available to them. Part of our insight into commercial property investment involves establishing relationships with banks, private loan providers and insurers to make sure our customers have access to:

  • Prioritised responses from banks and private lenders that minimise project hold-ups
  • Attractive terms and competitive interest rates
  • Competitive insurance contracts
  • Personalised industry knowledge

We understand that there’s a different funding solution and way to approach a project for every one of our clients, and we’re continually searching for ways to best help our clients reach their dreams, with a personalised approach for each. To discuss your needs with a skilled commercial financial advisor, give us a call or shoot us an email to get your investment on the right path.