Our expertise in commercial business financing comes as a result of regularly helping businesses across various industries reach financial success, including start-ups, franchises, cafes and construction companies. We do this by establishing relationships with a vast range of banks and secure private lenders so we can satisfy the diverse needs of our clients and their differing industries, providing them with the best finance solution for their business case.

Whether you’re expanding your business or starting a new one altogether, having a high principal investment is important for success, as it allows you to greater increase revenue. We’re well-versed in finding the most attractive interest rates for our clients so they can:

  • Expand their existing workforce
  • Purchase capital
  • Upgrade equipment and facilities
  • Refinance an existing business
  • Purchase or establish a new business or franchise

Whatever it is your business needs financing for, we’re there to help you out. We personalise solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients, allowing their businesses to prosper.

Keeping Operations Profitable:

We’re constantly researching new methodologies and platforms to keep businesses running profitably. For example, minimising transaction costs for businesses with a large clientele is important, as those tiny costs eat in to your revenue and ability to stay competitive within your market sector, and our team of professional advisors can find a transaction solution that suits your business best. This could even include helping you find a government grant that could expand your business. If you think your business is staggering behind in terms of profitability, let us help identify problems and implement solutions that reduce your operating costs.

There’s often an immense passion behind a business, and we’d like to help remove the monetary ceiling that is stopping your business from expanding, turning your passion into profit. That means not just providing you with stellar financial advice, but guiding you in the right direction to keep business operations profitable, including advising you on lawyers, insurers and contractors with a proven track record in your industry.

Please give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to discuss how we can put you on the path to increasing your business success.

Why Choose ClearPath Financial for Your Business Financing Needs:

The team at ClearPath Financial pride ourselves on staying up to date with all current industry trends, opportunities and information, ensuring that we are able to provide you with the best advice and services possible. Staying ahead of the curve enables us to provide our clients with great foresight and to offer them solutions and strategies that our competitors can’t.

We allocate significant time towards analysing every single business finance option and have a thorough understanding of the benefits of each, and which types of businesses they are best suited for. Part of our dedication to providing the most professional and comprehensive service possible involves establishing solid relationships with all major stakeholders including banks, private loan providers and insurers, ensuring that our customers benefit by receiving:

  • Prioritised responses from banks and private lenders that minimise project hold-ups
  • Attractive terms and competitive interest rates
  • Personalised industry knowledge

Our service is also designed to be flexible, enabling us to tailor any of our business financing services to suit the specific requirements of our clients and their businesses. This ensures that you end up with the best possible solution for your business and industry.

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